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R1 No Smoking

There shall not be smoking inside the home. Extra cleaning fees to remove odor and stains may be applied

R2 No clothing or towels over exterior railings

[HOA Rules S26]. No clothing, towels, rugs, etc. are to be hung over exterior railings of homes.

R3 No outside clothesline

[HOA Rules S6]. No outside clothesline or other items detrimental to the appearance shall be permitted on any lot. In addition, no basketball backboards and/or goals visible from the street shall be permitted on any lot

R4 No shoes within the house.

No shoes within the house. We provide Slips

R5 No Parties

[HOA Rules] No Parties, and keep noise to a minimum after 10pm.

R6 No Radio or Music in any loud manner

[HOA Rules S16]. No radio, stereo, or other device transmitting sound, live or recorded, or any noise from any other source, shall be played in any loud manner. "Loud manner" is defined as any decibel level which could be an annoyance to neighboring Association members.

R7 No Street Parking

[HOA Rules S24]. It is encouraged that vehicles be parked in garages and driveways, and that street parking only be used temporarily for guests. Street parking may be disallowed if there are safety concerns or if doing so interferes with emergency vehicle access.

R8 No Trailer

[HOA Rules S2]. No trailer, mobile home, camper, motorbike, motorcycle, motor scooter, boat, boat trailer, house trailer, truck, tractor or commercial vehicle of any kind, or any other vehicle, machine, equipment or apparatus other than operating passenger automobiles and operating passenger vans (vans are limited to those that are no longer and no wider than American made family automobiles), shall be parked in any driveway or on any lot in the subdivision except in a garage or other appropriate storage area.

Members may request approval from the Board of Directors to park a boat or recreational vehicle in their driveway or on the street directly in front of their home for a period not to exceed 14 days. The request should include the purpose for the variance, the dates for which the variance is requested and a description of the boat or recreational vehicle. The temporary presence of such boat or vehicle shall not unduly impede traffic or represent an unsafe condition.

R9 Please, Bring trash to the curb every Tuesday evening

If your booking includes Tuesday, please bring trash to the curb late in the day for an early Wednesday morning pickup.
ONLY 1 Green for garbage
1 Beige for Plastic and cardboard
Please leave 4ft between bins (the Pick-up is an automatic truck)

R10 Please Switch Off exterior lights if not necessary

Please, check that the lights on decks, garages, backyard, and porches and Deck fan are turned off before going to sleep

R11 Please, use barbecue in the backyard

and not in the front porch

R13 Please, Upstair A/C must be 1 or 2°F higher than downstair A/C

If you don't respect this rule, upstairs A/C will run all the time, independently of the controller
For example:
Controller 1rst floor at 71
Controller 2nd floor at 72 ou 73

R14 Please replace patio furniture at the end of your stay

This the correct way to replace Patio Furniture at the end of your stay