Do your Check in

Upon your arrival, send a text message using Airbnb messenger
or Text: +1 (863) 614 [no spam] 1964 to obtain the code for the smartlock

1 During your « Self Check-in »,
Please take a picture of each room
and send them using AIRBNB Messenger

2 Check the 4 TVs :
– 1 TV in the living room + 7 remote controls

  • – 1 TV in each bedroom + 1 remote control = 3TVs+3 remote controls
  • Please take the same picture at check-in end check-out

3 Check the computer screen in room n°3 upstairs;
There should be 1 computer screen and 1 printer

4 Check your code on the 5 Smartlocks
1 front door and 2 balconies should unlock with your code.
If you have any problems with the code for the smartlocks send a message.

Alarm and all cameras are disconnected
Only the Ring camera can’t be disconnected

5 Unplug the 3 indoors cameras.
(living room, kitchen, computer in room n°3)
All cameras are disconnected
, but for your comfort, you can unplug them.

6 Please read the rules on the website
Particularly HOA Rules 🙁

7 Please Use only « Green trash » and Beige Trash for Plastic and cans
If your booking includes Tuesday, please bring trash to the street late in the day for an early Wednesday morning pickup.
Leave 4ft between bins (because it’s pick up by an automatic truck)

8 Check your Amenities
At the start of your stay, you should find all of these amenities.
At the end of your stay, and for the comfort of the next guest, let me know if there are out of stock items.